Our Services are Secure Cloud-Based Customizable and Scalable

We offer accurate, full-service bookkeeping services; Let us take the paperwork off of your hands! Our dependable and highly qualified staff will provide consistent daily services.  We can service any business genre of any size and from any geographic area.  Our automated services will save you time, money and hassle…and you can count on accurate financial statements at the end of each period. 

Because our services are scalable, we can provide reliable, affordable bookkeeping services to any size business, customizing a plan that fits your current needs and budget.  And then as your business grows, we will be able to add or remove services to best suit your changing needs on a consistent ongoing basis.

Transaction Entry on a consistent daily basis

Accurate, efficient transaction posting on a consistent daily basis will save you time, and money.  By working closely with you, our conscientious staff will remain dedicated to understanding your business and accurately represent flows of income, expenses, assets and liabilities.  Because posting will be up-to-date, we can provide you with needed information to make sound business decisions at the speed of business. Automating these services will save you time, money and increase cash flows because you can concentrate on your business and what YOU DO BEST while we handle the paperwork.

Bank Reconciliations

Regular bank reconciliations and confirmation that your activities match what financial institutions report on your activities saves businesses time, money, and increases security.  But this can be very challenging when books are not kept accurately on a consistent daily basis.  Trying to confirm a check has been written and hit the bank for the authorized amount can be much more difficult than people think until they try to find a missing penny.  Leave your paperwork to us, and this will be a thing of the past.  Our conscientious staff will make sure that your financial institutions are reporting your activity accurately and alert you when there is a discrepancy.  But otherwise, you will be able to trust that these reconciliations are performed regularly, saving you time and money.

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Accurate Audit-Ready Financials

Leave the paperwork to us, and our dedicated staff will provide you will end-of-period financial statements which will be accurate and up-to-date.  Our process will provide you with both accounting and management financial documents which are audit-ready and can be used for decision making and other things like tax accounting.  We will save you money and time on many levels by providing this service!  Of course, we will save you time and money by leaving the paperwork to us.  But we will also provide you a chance to make sound business decisions more accurately and quickly.  Further, we will save you cost and time for your tax accountant by providing you with records that they can rely upon to perform tax work more quickly and accurately.  Your accountant will not have to piece together what your business has done for the entire year from bank statements while billing your business for those hours.  They will also save money on staff time, and they can feel secure in the fact that highly qualified accountants have worked on your books on a consistent daily basis.

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End of Period Financial Statements which are Tax- or Covenant-Ready

Leave the paperwork to us, and your tax accountant will receive accurate, audit-ready financial statements from which to perform your business’ and personal tax filings or loan covenant documents at the end of any period.  Our dedicated staff will save you and your tax accountant time and money by providing financial records that have been worked on a consistent daily basis through the period. They can rely on the work of our staff or they can question our staff directly on your behalf to help them understand any post having been made.  You can feel secure that your covenants or your tax filings will be up-to-date and compliant. 

Accounts Receivable

Many businesses get bogged down in the creation, execution, and collection of invoices.  STM Accounting can help your business save time and money by taking that paperwork off of your hands.  Our staff will provide up-to-date reporting on accounts receivable so you can understand what revenue is still owed. Our friendly staff will even be able to assist in creating and collecting invoices on a consistent and daily basis.  We will track who has paid, and provide friendly reminders to pay past-due balances. Leave this headache to us, and you will earn more money while watching your expenses, and more importantly your receivables, go down!

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Accounts Payable

Paying bills is probably the most frustrating, and time-consuming task in business – after all, who likes paying bills?  When cash flows are not clear and accounts receivable are out of hand, businesses are more likely to get behind on payments to vendors, and make errors in bank accounts.  Leave the paperwork to us, and our courteous staff will clarify these connections on a consistent daily basis, and soon we will make the woes of dealing with this challenge a thing of the past.  Our process will automate and predict accounts payable and you will be able to focus on growing your business by doing what YOU DO BEST while we handle the paperwork.

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Payroll Support

Our services are virtual and outsourced very much like how you are most likely handling your payroll.  Like them, if you leave the paperwork to us, it will cost you less, save you time, and you can be confident the work is being done by highly qualified professionals.  Therefore, our services would provide support to them by entering payroll hours, and confirming hours worked by employees like an on staff accountant would do.  We will work closely with your business and your payroll provider to ensure accurate reporting on a consistent regular basis.

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Tax and Planning Advice

Our highly qualified staff is made up of accounting professions, some of whom have CPA distinctions.  They are accessible to help you understand, before you make a financial decision, what the tax consequence, if any, is.  So often tax accountants express to their business clients at the end of the year that a financial decision during the year is costing them more than it should have.  And most often it is now too late to do anything about it.  Leave your paperwork to us, and we will not only record accurately what your business has done, but you will have a contact who you can work with to guide you through the tax consequences of a financial decision you are contemplating for your business.